A few words about this radio play…

Ratatat Man, The little drummer boy comes of age,  has been performed by persons who
simply love the medium and wanted to be part of a production where the mind is the

My thanks go out to incredible jazz musicians of the Dave Shelton Trio of Frankfort, KY,
Lindsey Hathaway’s children’s choir of Saints Peter & Paul School in Lexington, KY,
Sadie Meyer, my favorite violinist, and Anita Roll for giving "To Lead You By The Hand" a

As for the voice actors, I am simple impressed.  None had ever done a radio play before
and it was an eye-opening, ear-opening experience. To record their lines solo and have
to wait several months to hear a final product. Since January, talented voice actors have
contacted me from the area.  And I'm impressed the talent.  They have captured the parts

Radio dramatics have been central in my 30-year broadcasting career which includes
lesser radio plays, commercials, television sound tracks, morning show bits, executive
production of a weekly Kentucky-wide radio program and a major educational audio tour.  

Ratatat Man will be available for air in the 2011 Christmas season.  With any luck, this play
will air on stations locally and nationally, religious networks and Sirius/XM possibilities. As
popularity grows in subsequent holiday seasons, it is reasonable to expect that the
number of broadcast outlets will also grow.

Can't wait to see if Santa brings it to a station near you?  Listen now at the link above.