Ratatat Man    Cast & Credits
Producer, Writer, Director,
Editor, Announcer
  Charlie Baglan
(Young )  Oliver Denton
(Older)  Oliver Denton and Narrator
  George Perry
Eddie Salone
Lynn Harbison
Aunt Susan
  Audra Todd
Lisette Markham
Jane Trumble
(Angered)    John Arthur Trumble
(Content)    John Arthur Trumble
  Kathy Jones
Greg Jones
Bill Payne
Walter Scarbrough
Man at Bar
Nursing Home Lady
  Greg Jones
Dave Shelton
Hayley Lynch
Robert Griffin
Melissa Wise
Little Girl at cafe
Jack Rabbit
School Teachers
  Callie Perry
Lucas Ritter
Pam Hancock
Cindy Putnam
Gas Station Attendant &
JB Academy Headmaster

Cocktail Waitress
  Gary Burbank

Jennifer Baileys,
Courtesy of WDRB Fox
41 Louisville
JB Academy children
  Courtesy of Sts. Peter & Paul
School, Lexington, Ky and
Mrs. Marty Schmidt music class -
Good Shepherd School - Frankfort,
"The Holly and the Ivy"

"The Holly and the Ivy" piano
  Sts. Peter & Paul Children's Choir
Lindsey Hathaway, Director
Nanci Barnhart
Incidental  Background  
  The Dave Shelton Trio
Dave Shelton, Piano
Robert Griffin, Drums
Rob Barnes, Upright Bass
with special guest
Hunt Butler, Saxophone

Sadie Meyer, Violin
Charlie Baglan, Keyboard
"To Lead You By The Hand
  Written by Charlie Baglan
Vocalist - Anita Roll
Piano - Dave Shelton
Violin -  Sadie Meyer
Guitar - Charlie Baglan
1969 television background
character voices
and announcer
  Gary Allen
Story Consultantion

Script Editor
  Michael Brennan
Coleman Gilbert
Pam Hancock

Hayley Lynch
Special casting thanks to
  Greg Hardison
Bailey Preston - Frankfort Performing
Arts Foundation
Lexington Theater Group
Acting Midwest.com
Copyright 2010 Charles Baglan.  
In this story, all incidents, situations, institutions, governments and
people are fictional. Any similarity to persons living or dead is strictly